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  • Exhibitors have access to the exhibition area and barista competition area only, but no access to the conference sessions and reception dinner. However, they can purchase tickets for those functions at registration counter. The exhibitors do not receive the bag and other materials related to the conference. The number of badges will be based on the size of the exhibitor’s contracted space.


  • The registered media representatives have access to all sessions including the exhibition areas, poster areas and barista competitions, except technical tour program. To register as media representative, you must be at least 18 years old with a valid media license or a reference in order to submit for getting approval from the Secretariat. After getting approval and email confirmation, you will be permitted to access to the event with no registration fee. Since the allotted number of media is limited, the Local Organizing Committee reserves the right to decline applications. Media registration can be made online.


  • Visitor can register at on-site registration with no fee for having access to exhibition and barista competitions. For other sessions; conference and reception dinner, including technical tour program, tickets are available on site.